MICRO VH easy and direct measurement

MICRO VH roughness measuring system compact in size

More than just a roughness measuring instrument, ideal for use in the workshop or measuring room, where it can solve

demanding measuring tasks without any problems with optional PC programs. Suitable accessories help to cope with the daily measuring tasks. The ergonomic shape of the instrument makes it easy and comfortable to use. The durable and highquality

aluminium housing protects the measuring unit from external elements. Simple and intuitive operation on a large

illuminated display simplifies multiple uses.

Roughness Measurement

  • High-precision roughness measuring instrument for universal use in workshop, measuring room and incoming goods
  • Automatic calibration
  • Measuring distances all adjustable from 0.48 – 16 mm
  • Calibration of up to 3 tracers
  • Memory
  • A wide range of tracers for almost all measuring tasks, also customer-specific solution
  • Easy and multilingual menu
  • Accessories for many applications