DH-8 takes on every challenge


Optional PC programmes help DH-8 to easily meet the most challenging requirements. The DIAVITE DH-8 offers the most flexibility when assessing surface finishes. What‘s more, it can be expanded to include contour and optical measurements.

Roughness Measurement

  • High-precision roughness measurement instrument for universal use in workshops and measuring rooms

  • VH motor unit for tracer with skid or VHF motor unit for tracers with and without skid

  • Automatic calibration

  • Mémoire pour 50 profils de mesure

  • 5 measuring lengths, adjustable between 0.5 and 15.0 mm

  • Adjustable measurement speed

  • Calibration of up to 8 tracers

  • 8 measurement programmes

  • Many different tracers for almost all measurement tasks, including customised solutions

  • Simple, multilingual menu guidance

  • Tolerance display for exceeded measurement values

  • Key lock for lt, lc and parameter selection R to protect against handling errors
  • Prise USB pour le traitement des données (Option : Bluetooth)

  • Accessories for many applications, crucial when working with tracers without skid

  • Integrated accumulator for portable applications