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DIAVITE engineering

Individual Development

Roughness measuring instruments made by DIAVITE AG have been THE STANDARD for the surface measurement needs of many companies for a long time. Each new measuring task is analysed for feasibility. What‘s more, we develop solutions together with the customer tailored to their specific needs. This includes designing customised tracers, equipment and software modifications.

Our motor unit and measuring tracers together are the centrepiece of all of DIAVITE‘s own measuring instruments. They determine how precise a measurement is. Our wide range of tracers that are made for various tasks, some of which seemed impossible until now, is the result of decades of experience. The integrated reference plane in the motor unit makes precise measurements possible even with tracers without skid, thus expanding the potential applications of the instruments. Complicated applications, in particular, require simple and user-friendly tracers and analysis instruments.

Roughness measurements and their specific requirements are never too complicated for the experts at DIAVITE AG.

One System, multiple options

Tracers without and with skids can be combined with any device!

The system features analogue Hall effect technology, with a high-linearity output signal, and has been in use by DIAVITE since 1995. This technology achieves above average linearities. The precisely defined green phase for optimal tracer tip positioning using arrows on the instrument makes measurements with tracers without skid for all DIAVITE instruments (DH-10 TOUCH, DH-8, COMPACT II, DH-8/App) even more precise. These are not just mere workshop instruments. Thanks to their new and varied capabilities, these instruments can also be used for significantly more advanced applications.


Only DIAVITE offers ONE instrument (in VHF version) for tracers both with and without skid!

Only for Tracers with Skid

For Tracers without and with Skid