DH-8 takes on
every challenge

Optional PC programmes help DH-8 to easily meet the most challenging requirements. The DIAVITE DH-8 offers the most flexibility when assessing surface finishes. What‘s more, it can be expanded to include contour and optical measurements.

Measuring, Displaying and Printing

Measuring and display device with a graphic display and 7 function keys

Roughness Measurement

High-precision roughness measurement instrument for universal use in workshops and measuring rooms

VH motor unit for tracer with skid or VHF motor unit for tracers with and without skid

Automatic calibration

Memory for up to 50 measurements

5 measuring lengths, adjustable between 0.5 and 15.0 mm

Adjustable measurement speed

Calibration of up to 8 tracers

8 measurement programmes

Many different tracers for almost all measurement tasks, including customised solutions

Simple, multilingual menu guidance

Tolerance display for exceeded measurement values

Key lock for lt, lc and parameter selection R to protect
against handling errors

USB port for further data processing (option: Bluetooth)

Accessories for many applications, crucial when working with tracers without skid

Integrated accumulator for portable applications


The DIAVITE DH-8 permits contactless surface measurements


  • Measurement range X: from 0.5 to 15 mm
  • Measurement range Z: max. 400 µm


The DIAVITE DH-8 permits accurate contour measurement. This requires a special measuring tracer and software.


  • Measurement range X: from 0.5 to 15.0 mm
  • Measurement range Z: max. 3 mm
  • Scanning angle: downward flanks to 88 ˚, upward to 77 ˚


Parameters roughness ISO/DIN: Ra, Rz (DIN), Rmax, R3z, Rt, Rq (RMS), Rk, Rp, Rv, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, Rpc, C1, C2, contact ratio Rmr, C0, Cz
JIS: Ra (JIS), Rz (JIS)
ISO 12085: R, AR, Rx
additional measurement values via PC software (option)
Measurement ranges Ra, Rq: 0 – 20.00 µm | 0 – 800 µin
› All other measurement values: 0 – 350.0 µm | 0 – 1400 µin
Display Ra, Rq: 0.001 µm
› All other measurement values: 0.01 µm
Connections USB port / Option: Bluetooth
Humidity max. 80 %, non-condensing
Languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish
Tracing system Analogue Hall effect technology with a high-linearity output signal
Tracer tip Diamond tip: 5 µm, 90° (standard) or 2 µm, 60° (option)
Tracing skid radius 25 mm (standard tracer)
Static measuring force Tip < 0.5 mN
Static tracking force Skid< 0.15 N
Tracing speed 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 mm/s
Reverse speed 1.0 mm/s
Motor unit VH (tracer with skid) or VHF (tracers with and without skid)
Device dimensions (L x W x H) 245 x 130 x 78 mm
Abmessungen Motor unit dimensions approx. 20 x 33 x 136 mm (with supporting shoe)
SCOPE OF DELIVERY DIAVITE DH-8 display and printing instrument
VH or VHF motor unit
SH standard tracer
Calibration specimen metal Ra = 3.00 µm
Connecting cable
USB cable
Instruction manual and quick guide
Test protocol
Carrying case
DIASOFT Basic software